Fibre of the Gods combines the magical fibres of three animals to create quality and luxury products in an ethical and professional way. 

What Do We Do With The Fibre?

We have the highest standards of breeding and care, combined with a passion for producing luxurious quality fleeces, as well as interesting and unique fibre blends. Each of our fibre producing animals brings a special quality to the end products, as well as being fun and exciting to work with along the way.

We don’t just throw all our fleeces in and hope for the best. Every fleece is tested and batched according to micron. The lower the micron the better, therefore our batching process is strict.

- 16-20 micron becomes 4ply
- 21-24 micron becomes DK
- 25-29 is chunky or Aran
- Over 30 micron is stuffing

The fibre is either hand processed on the farm in small quantities for a rustic, artisan effect or sent away to be processed at a commercial mill.

We have a mixture of wool for sale from a commercial mill with a woollen finish (available online) and some from a mini mill with a semi-worsted finish (for sale at shows or on the farm).

Why the three fibres?

After much experimentation we now have our unique blend of alpaca, mohair and sheep fibre to produce an end product that is exquisite, but also functional.

The Alpaca fibre with its low micron and high comfort factor brings luxury to the wool with the fibre being soft, warm and light. With over 16 recognised colours our harvest gives us some beautiful natural shades to work with - some of which we keep or use as a starting point to over dye that gives a rustic textured effect.

The Shetland fibre puts some elasticity, structure and bounce into our blend, and with over eleven recognised colours many shades and variants in between, as well as thirty different recognised markings. We are spoilt for choice when creating our matches.

The Angora fibre, otherwise known as the “diamond fibre” because of its strength and shine adds those exact qualities to our blend. It has a brilliant dying capacity that absorbs colour and shines, bringing lustre to the end product.

100% British

We do not cut costs by sending our wool away to be processed or buy in cheaper, inferior products from overseas. It is important to us to support British breeders and British mills, so although the processing costs are higher, it is helping to keep British mills in business.

Do not be fooled by products labelled “Baby Alpaca” that, although are cheaper, their micron is in fact higher than our adult alpacas. It is also unknown what conditions the animals are kept under and the working conditions of those involved in the processing of this fibre. To the best of our knowledge there is no Fair Trade Agreement in place for these products.

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