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This ultra fine but hard wearing, practical blend combines the very best of all three fibres: the alpaca is soft, durable and luxurious; the mohair is strong and shiny; whilst the Shetland adds structure, bounce, and elasticity to the blend. 

All our animals are ethically raised and cared for on a protein rich diet so they produce the very best quality fibre. This is from our very best sub 20 micron young alpacas.

- 50% Alpaca (16-19 micron)
- 30% Mohair (kid)
- 20% Shetland Sheep
- 4 ply, approximately 175 metres length
- Available in four colours
- Woollen spun

A woollen spun yarn creates a hard wearing end product that is: 

- light and full of air
- fluffy or even hairy
- able to insulate well
- makes a light and thick fabric when knitted.

The more it is worn and washed the softer it will become however without the pilling and stretching of a semi worsted or worsted finish.

We recommend using to find free knitting patterns.

Type: Wool

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